Hirens Boot CD Error on HP Server ML350 G5


HpCISSs2.sys could not be found


HP ML350 G5 Server


Step 1) Reboot you system into BIOS screen by pressing F9 key

Step 2) Disable Virtual Install Disk under Advanced Options

Step 3) Press F10 key to save settings and reboot

Step 4) Try to boot from Hirens Boot CD and run Mini Windows XP again

WordPress Media Upload Error on Docker with Nginx


HTTP error message displayed when upload media on WordPress as shown below


Error message found in nginx error log:
[error] 71#71: *164 client intended to send too large body: 1524386 bytes


WordPress on Docker with Nginx


increase upload size by adding below syntax to nginx.conf:

client_max_body_size 8M;

Step-by-step instructions:-

Step 1) copy original nginx.conf file from nginx container with Docker command

docker cp 98fd0d924718:/etc/nginx/nginx.conf .

Note: replace 98fd0d924718 with your nginx container id

Step 2) open nginx.conf file and add client_max_body_size 8M; between “http {“ and before “log_format”

http {
     include /etc/nginx/mime.types;
     default_type application/octet-stream;
     client_max_body_size 8M;
     log_format main ‘$remote_addr - $remote_user [$time_local] “$request” ‘

Step 3) copy modified nginx.conf file back to nginx container

docker cp nginx.conf 98fd0d924718:/etc/nginx/nginx.conf

Step 4) enter nginx container to restart nginx service

docker exec -it 98fd0d924718 /bin/bash
service nginx reload

Step 5) try to upload again. If you want to increase the size of upload file more than default 2MB, follow this instruction.