Setup a Catch All Email for Google G Suite

You want to advertise free form of email addresses (like or for your web site, but you don’t want to create an email account everytime. Also, you want to read all your emails in one account. How can I set it up in G Suite?

Domain email MX record host by Google G Suite

Login to your G Suite and click on Apps card or click on

1) click on Default routing

2) click on ADD SETTING

3) on Add setting pop up screen,

  • Item 1: change the recipients to match to ‘All Recipients’

  • Item 2: click on checkbox below “Also deliver to”, then click on “ADD”, leave dropdown as Basic and enter your destination (recipient) email address
  • Item 3: under Options, select “Perform this action on non-recognized and recognized addresses” to catch all

4) click on SAVE button

5) test the result by sending an email to