Installed Android Headunit But No Sound


After replaced Audi TTS RNS-E head-unit with aftermarket android head-unit, no sound coming from Bose speakers. Why?


2013 Audi TTS Quattro

RNS-E Nav head-unit with Bose system

VCDS Release 20.4.1 – Coding on 47 Sound System


If you can verify that new Android RCA cable output with sounds to external speakers, then follow below instructions to make changes to coding and turn on speakers with “via Remote Wire”.

Step-by-step instructions:-

  1. Connect your VCDS to your car and turn on your ignition
  2. Open controller module 47 Sound System
  3. Change coding on position 5 (Activation) to 1 (via Remote Wire). Default was 3.
  4. Click Do it! and you should hear the sound instantly if all wires are connected.


Use external speakers to verify RCA cables are outputting sounds


Toyota Sienna “VSC Off”, “Track Off” & “Check Engine” Lights On


Toyota Sienna dash warning lights on for “VSC Off”, “Track Off” & “Check Engine” during heavy load (with 7 Large Suitcases) on highway.


Toyota Sienna minivan


If you have heavy load and then dash warning lights showing “VSC Off”, “Track Off” & “Check Engine”. I would wait for few days to have it resolve itself before calling-in for service.